take my hand

take my whole life, too

for I can’t help falling in love with you

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things about capitalism people take for granted:

if you don’t prove your worth (and not to society at large, but specifically to the people who already have the money), you’ll literally fucking die. this is considered totally normal and not at all evidence that the system is evil

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how i communicate

Ah, yes, the song of my people.

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How many rules am I to break before you understand
that your double-standards don’t mean shit to me?
I know exactly what you say when I turn and walk away
but that’s ok cause I don’t let it get it to me

So the moral of this story is: Who are you to judge?
There’s only one true judge, and that’s God
so chill, and let my Father do His job

really tho why does no one talk about how important salt-n-pepa are? this track dropped in 1993 - they’ve been callin bitches out on their bullshit double standards for women waaaaaaay before most of us were even around. this a feminist /anthem/ and if you think any less then i suggest you hit the replay button real quick. 

like damn tho the sheer girl power that these girls preached was unbelievable. “push it” and “let’s talk about sex” both were female power anthems about seizing your sexual identity and not apologizing for shit. they pulled a collab of the fucking century with “whatta man” with en vogue, giving us a prime example of what can happen when to ballin-ass girl groups collide and work with each other, and /NOBODY/ has topped that yet. 

too many of yall are sleepin on the feminist classics that are these wonderful women - pay homage to the hip-hop queens that laid the ground work for all this shit and think about that the next time you wanna try and pit modern day artists against each other to see who’s “the baddest bitch.” you’re not helping anyone with that shitty attitude and not a damn one of these women would thank you for it. 

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"bitch" has hurt almost every one us before

if you have overcome that and can now sincerely enjoy it as a label, sweet, but that isn’t necessarily true for the rest of us

plus do you think men are going to use “bitch” to mean Babe In Total Control of Herself? NAH they’re gonna use it to confine and control women’s confidence and aggression like always

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leftist dude:
*pauses porn*
"monogamy is a patriarchal social construct babe, being in a monogamous relationship means that the man owns you. you’re trapped in the patriarchy’s chain sweetie, and only polyamorous men respect women enough to free you…